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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - August 2017

21-Sep-2017, Written by SO Media Unit

August 2017 Employees of the Month

Processing Division

  • Sergeant Christian Luke MF1 and Corrections Specialist Kamree Peterson JU4 are employees of the month for the Processing Division.  During the month of August, 2017 the Prisoner Relocation Program went from having approximately 30 prisoners in other counties to nearly 300.  This was an enormous undertaking that required coordinating with several divisions within the Bureau as well as multiple outside facilities. Sgt. Luke and Clerk Peterson worked tirelessly during this time, working 16 hours plus several days in a row as well as working their days off to ensure the success of the program.  Sgt. Luke and Clerk Petersen have been an enormous asset to the PRP team and the Salt lake County Sheriff’s Office.  I am nominating them for Employee of the Month for the hard work, dedication, and teamwork they have shown during this very difficult time.

Judicial Protection Division 

  • Deputy Sunny Dilawar MC30 was nominated for employee of the month by a co-worker.  Within the short timeframe that Deputy Dilawar has been at Matheson Courthouse he has made a huge impact. He is diligent and a hard worker, and easily adapts to crazy busy situations he is thrown into without a complaint or fuss.  Sunny is always first to volunteer to help out in difficult courtrooms. He keeps his peers at ease, even when fighting non complaints. His cool and collective demeanor makes him stand out.  Dilawar is dependable and I always know he has my 6, as well as any other deputy he might be working with. Dilawar needs to be recognized for his hard work ethic and example to his fellow deputies.  Deputy Dilawar was also very implemental in the Rio Grande Operation. Sunny picked up several of the overtime shifts without hesitation and did a great job while filling those positions. Sunny has been an asset to this Bureau for several contributions, but mostly for his quiet, get things done work ethic, and is deserving of the Judicial Protection Division Employee of the Month.

Health Services Division 

  • The Health Services Division would like to nominate Nurse Karen Pineda for our August, 2017 Employee of the Month. She has been recognized by her peers as going the "extra mile" in caring for patients. For example, she was assisting a low-functioning individual recently. This individual does not understand much of what is being said to him, he is hard of hearing and very slow to speak. Nurse Karen took the time to listen to this individual on a medical call out with great patience and caring. Not only did she hear his initial complaints, she continued to ask probing questions, eliciting a laundry list of ailments. She decided to swab the man's throat right away, so she looked in the nearest medical examination room only to find that no swabs were there. So she marched down to processing and then immediately returned to administer the swab. Later in the shift, Karen came back to deliver the test results with a treatment in-hand. She told the man his diagnosis and offered him some medication. She spent no less than the next 20 minutes trying to convince this one man to take the meds to treat his infection. It is easy at times to forget to care about the people we serve. Nurse Karen demonstrates an abundance of compassion and caring that is noticed by both her peers and patients.

Security Division 

  • On July 26, 2017, a supervisor in the Security Division received praises, both verbally and via email, for the actions of Deputy Michael Gill MH1 and Deputy Kenneth Gard NF6 when dealing with an elderly prisoner being released. No fewer than four people said they demonstrated exemplary professionalism and patience in dealing with an elderly prisoner. The prisoner had received bond and was going to be pink sheeted upon his release due to diminished mental capacity. He was confused and at times would forget his own name.  Staff found out that the man’s daughter was in visiting awaiting his release, so they cancelled the pink sheet. The difficult part was dressing him out and getting him through releasing. It was difficult to track conversations and he kept reaching out towards staff. Everyone said Gard and Gill showed great patience with the conversing and great restraint when he‘d reach at them. They employed excellent CIT skills in engaging him verbally and redirecting his attention back to the tasks at hand.  Knowing he would not make it upstairs on his own, they took him up the release elevator and walked with him the whole way to his a grateful daughter.  I’m happy to say this is not the least bit out of character for either of these men.  I’ve been very impressed with their ability to de-escalate prisoners in mental crisis. They never fail to seek the least forceful way through prisoner problems. I proudly nominate both Deputy Michael Gill and Deputy Kenneth Gard for Security Division employees of the month, for August 2017.

Housing Division 

  • One evening in B Pod, Sergeant Breeze requested the assistance of Deputy Thaddius Leavens OU2, who is bilingual, with translating for a Spanish speaking prisoner who had recently been sanctioned to the Behavior Modification Unit in 3B. The rules of the unit needed to be explained to the prisoner who did not speak any English. Deputy Leavens willingly assisted. Afterwards, without being asked of him, Deputy Leavens took it upon himself to translate the rules from English to Spanish and have them saved on the l:\ drive for future use. Deputy Leavens went above and beyond what he was asked to do. He should be commended for putting in the extra effort to improve the operations in B Pod.  Deputy Leavens is very deserving of being selected as employee of the month.

Support Division 

  • During the month of August we began the Operation Rio Grande. Sarah, Amanda, and Jodi were all an integral part of the overall success of the operation. They altered their work schedule to assist the Incident Commander for the entire three weeks of the operation. During this time, they gathered data, ensured equipment was functioning, and ran reports as necessary. All three were responsible for relaying information as there was regular changes to the Incident Command and the information was used to ensure consistency. Their presence in the Command Post was essential in the initial organization of the post. Once the operation started all three regularly worked twelve hour shifts and even worked on weekends to see that the operation was a success. Their dedication to the Office of the Sheriff is a demonstration of leadership, and commitment that should be recognized. I am nominating Sarah Humphries, Amanda Anderson, and Jodi Lee as the August Employee of the Month. I appreciate all of you.
  • During the month of August, the Jail Support Division had a variety of projects kick off that Lt. Gary Beers B03 was personally responsible for overseeing. His handling of these projects was conducted in a professional and efficient manner. His dedication is not limited to the Sheriff’s Office. He is committed to supporting the entire Office of the Sheriff. In addition to the several projects he was managing, we began the Operation Rio Grande. Lt. Beers was the first to volunteer to assist where he was needed. He helped coordinate getting equipment needed for the Command Post, and was essential in the initial organization of the post. Once the operation started, Lt. Beers regularly worked twelve hour shifts and even worked on weekends to see that the operation was a success. Gary is a vital member of this organization and the Support Division would not be as efficient without him. Because of his dedication and professionalism, I am nominating Lt. Gary Beers as the August Employee of the Month.

Programs Division 

  • Joshua Murphy LD7 has been a great addition to the horticulture team at Oxbow. Josh has proven himself a first rate project manager and leader. Josh has been involved with an incredible amount of projects with the horticulture program. The following are a few projects that he has led. The building of the chicken coop at the Produce Garden, organization and completion of the shed and enclosures for the sheep at the Pond Garden. Josh is a very hard worker and very organized when performing his duties. Josh has a positive attitude and works well with everybody. Josh is very knowledgeable in his field and is always willing to assist with tasks or challenges that arise with the horticulture program. Josh is a great asset to the Sheriff Office.  Josh is receiving employee of the month for his outstanding work performance, positive attitude and always going the extra mile.