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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - December 2017

08-Jan-2018, Written by SO Media Unit

December 2017 Employees of the Month

Processing Division

  • We nominate Lt. Dave Sperry, Deputy Pavel Dopita, and Deputy Dustin Heath. The IS liaison unit continued their work in maintaining the standard computer systems, photo machines and fingerprint machines in the Processing area. In December they also faced the additional duties of integrating two new systems which affect our area. First, was the new Statewide PC statement system. This required coordinating with other agencies and assisting with training for Processing staff. Second, the new medical system was brought on line. This had major implications for screening prisoners in Processing. This unit is often called upon to assist with projects such as these, Operation Rio Grande, Program screenings, etc. They always do so efficiently and effectively. Without their contributions, the Processing area would be unable to function effectively and we recognize their contributions. 

Judicial Protection Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Aloma Uni. On December 7th, Deputy Uhi was working the East doors when she noticed several young men come through security with cameras and videography equipment.  Uhi recognized the situation as unusual, so questioned the young men more about what they were doing at the Courthouse.  She found out that one of the young men was a neighbor of Supreme Court Justice Lee and had asked Lee for permission to video a virtual wedding proposal in the rotunda on the 5th floor, which he granted.  However, the request was not vetted through the appropriate channels of the Administrative Office of the Court, which is vital to the secure operations of the Courthouse. Uhi’s attention to detail prevented a security breach of the Courthouse that day, and her efforts were greatly appreciated by Ray Wahl, Alyn Lunceford and Geoff Fattah.  Uhi is a consummate professional and her dedication to her duties are worthy of recognition and deserving of the Judicial Protection Division Employee of the Month for December. 

Health Services Division 

  • We nominate Nurse Pat Knight. The Health Services Division has had a pretty crazy month while we have been in the middle of implementing a new electronic health record. This has created a steep learning curve for all our staff, and most importantly for our nurses. Nurse Pat has been a great help this month. Nurse Pat decided to “get on board” with the new health record system by offering helpful suggestions for changes and fixes to the system. Pat also has been helping other nurses and co-workers to learn and better use the system. Rather than complaining about how difficult it has been to learn a new records system, Pat has chosen to become part of the solution!  

Security Division 

  • On Dec 28 2017, Deputy Justin Curtis went to help move a prisoner from 8A to 7B for Administrative Segregation.  This same prisoner’s behavior while refusing to go on cool down the previous day, resulted in a use of force and an injury to staff.  She had become similarly enraged for the administrative segregation move and thought a repeat was imminent. I went to 8A intending to oversee what would surely be a cell extraction.  Before I even arrived, Deputy Justin Curtis had de-escalated the situation and gained the prisoner’s compliance.  From there, the move took place without incident, thanks to Deputy Curtis’ patient efforts. December is often a month of reflection and resolve to do things better.  Deputy Curtis exemplified this over the month by consistently modeling how to de-escalate in the midst of stressful dealings with difficult persons.  This was not an isolated incident, but common practice for him.  I gladly nominate him for December Employee of the Month. 
  • We nominate Deputy Jason Lloyd. On December 7, 2017 at 1810 hrs. Deputy Frank had a male juvenile prisoner run from her while she was walking him in to the juvenile detention center. Deputy Lloyd was pulling into the juvenile detention center just as a juvenile started running away from Deputy Frank. Frank hand signaled to Lloyd indicating the juvenile was running. Lloyd turned around his vehicle and started pursuing the juvenile, at some point during the pursuit Deputy Lloyd exited his vehicle and a several minute foot pursuit and ensued. During the foot pursuit Lloyd was able to convince the juvenile to stop running and was able to take him into custody. Due to the alertness, quick action and excellent decision making, Deputy Lloyd was able to quickly capture the absconding prisoner and avoid injury to himself or the prisoner. Deputy Lloyd’s actions during this incident were exemplary and worthy of recognition.
  • We nominate Deputy Lanice Wong. On Dec 4, 2017, Deputy Lanice Wong noticed two obvious foreign objects on a scan of a female prisoner.  This prisoner has a mental illness; and is known to insert random objects in her body orifices.  When the prisoner was asked about the objects and told to remove them, she denied having anything.  With further inquiry, she became very defensive and argumentative.  It was thought that Wong and I both had “burned our bridges” on getting compliance, so another deputy was brought in as “good cop.”  The prisoner responded and complied with removing one object.  Deputy Wong then took over, after more de-escalation Deputy Wong was able to coax her into removing the other object.  Deputy Wong was also able to get the prisoner to voluntarily remove even more items that had not been visible on the scan. December is often a month of reflection and resolve to do things better.  Deputy Wong exemplified this over the month by consistently modeling how to de-escalate in the midst of stressful dealings with difficult persons.  This is not an isolated incident, but common practice for her.  I am proud to nominate her for December 2017’s Employee of the Month. 

Housing Division 

  • We nominate Sgt. William Harris and Deputy David Nelson. On December 20, 2017 at 14:45 hours, Deputy Nelson called for medical and Sgt. Harris to respond to Acute Mental Health for a non-responsive Prisoner.  Sgt. Harris responded and quickly arrived coming from another incident.  He identified himself as the Incident Commander.  He saw there was no one recording the incident and immediately started recording the incident.  He was instrumental in making sure the scene was safe and secure.  His demeanor during the incident was professional, calm and efficient.  He made sure that medical staff was able to perform life saving measures by being in control of the scene and assigning sworn staff to assist as needed.  His control of the scene and incident showed his excellent leadership skills.  His staff are confident in his leadership skills, knowing he supports and assists them at all times. Deputy Nelson found the prisoner on the floor of his cell while doing his Watch Tour.  He spoke to him and when he did not get a response, he entered the cell to check on him.  He saw that the prisoner did not appear to be breathing and had what appeared to be items from his sack lunch stuffed in his mouth.  Deputy Nelson removed some of the items from his mouth, while calling for assistance.  He remained calm while calling for assistance and during the entire incident while medical administered life-saving measures.  He continued to complete his watch tours and take care of the rest of the prisoners in Acute Mental Health during this time.  Deputy Nelson was professional and calm throughout the entire incident until relieved from duty at 1535 hours.  Deputy Nelson always insures his duties are well done and timely.  In this incident, his Watch Tours and log were up to date and documented.  He is a true example of professionalism and a deputy you can count on to do a job well.
  • We nominate Sgt. Janessa Visser. Although it is common practice to identify community service projects during the holidays, Sergeant Janessa Visser realized there are those in need amongst our own ranks. With Lieutenant Karen Werner’s support, Janessa worked hard to identify staff members who might be struggling during this stressful time of year and who would be interested in accepting a helping hand. Sergeant Visser then promoted her program by creating holiday-themed bulletins in the housing pod breakrooms. These bulletins included tags with anonymous requests, such as “Walmart gift card for a family”, similar to popular giving trees found in retail stores. Janessa collected the gifts and distributed them to the participants, which resulted in six staff families enjoying a better holiday season than they otherwise would have. Given the short time frame Janessa had to put this new program together, I believe it was very successful and hope to continue this tradition for many seasons to come. Sergeant Visser demonstrates the true spirit of selflessness and giving, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year as well, and is a prime example of a public servant.

Programs Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Kirk Orgill. While conducting cell searches in unit CA on Saturday December 9, 2017 Deputy Orgill located a coffee bag that was filled with an unknown liquid in the property box of a prisoner. Upon further inspection of this bag, it was observed to contain smashed up apples, oranges, sugar candies, and water. The prisoner later admitted he was in the process of making jail house “hooch.” Deputy Orgill continues daily to perform very thorough cell inspections. His keen attention to detail helps keep contraband out of our facility. He should be recognized for the efforts. Great find!   

Facilities Protection Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Sherida Holgate. On December 5th, 2017, Kerry McCoun with Center of Fine Arts sent a letter commending Deputy Sherida Holgate for her excellence in running a student event show.  Deputy Holgate patrols the parking areas better than most deputies.  She understands the complications that may arise for the parking of the buses, and deters those problems, by being pro-active and taking care of situations before they become a problem.   Deputy Holgate goes above and beyond in helping CFA staff, bus drivers, and co-workers.  As Kerry McCoun states, “She is pleasant, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. She is an asset to the force and we are fortunate to have her working at Center of the Arts”.   I have found Deputy Holgate to be the same for us in the Sheriff’s Office.  I have witnessed her working the student shows, and takes charge of her area, but is always respectful. She is organized, and makes the process run very smooth.  She is always kind and helpful.  She is one of our long time FTO’s and does a thorough job teaching our new cadets.  She never complains about her work, and strives to do the best job she can, often exceeding all expectations. Recently she was also the deputy working at all our CFA sites during annual evacuation drills.  She did everything she was supposed to do and did not complain.  Again, she did her job and did it well.  For the reasons above, Deputy Holgate is deserving of the recognition of employee of the month.   

Support Division 

  • We would like to recognize Clarence Pollard for his exceptional work ethic during the month of December. Pollard volunteered to assist in the Control Room due staff shortages and continued to complete his assigned work orders. As I have walked throughout the facility there is not a time Pollard is not working to resolve various issues throughout the facility. His performance is exemplary and is a tremendous asset to the Jail Support Division. Not only do I recognize his efforts, but all of his supervisors and peers recognize them as well. Pollards dedication  and commitment to our organization deserves recognition