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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - January 2018

13-Mar-2018, Written by SO Media Unit

January 2018 Employees of the Month

Judicial Protection Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Mick Hansen. On January 25th, Lieutenant Huth received an email from Corrections Deputy Tootie Lovell nominating Deputy Mick Hansen for employee of the month, stating every time she transports inmates to West Jordan “…I can guarantee he (Deputy Hansen) will have my back”. Back in November, Deputy Lovell was transporting a juvenile back to D.T. because he was being unruly in the cell and trying to cover the camera with spit wads. Once the juvenile was in my van, he started to act up in my van and messing with the back plexy glass divider. I stopped the van before I exited the sally port and asked the juvenile if there was going to be problems? He told me to “…just drive, this is going to be a fun ride with you”. Deputy Hansen immediately recognized there was a problem, and came over to the van. When I told him what the juvenile was doing and saying, Hansen said he was going to ride with me to keep the juvenile under control. The juvenile tried to spit on Hansen and another deputy on the way to D.T. Deputy Hansen was very professional while dealing with the juvenile and everyone arrived unharmed. Then in January, Deputy Lovell was loading prisoners in her van to take back to the jail. While loading them, she stepped up on the step to make sure everybody was seat belted in. While she was up on the step, a forthwith was waiting behind her to get in. She heard a scuffle behind her and Deputy Hansen had the forthwith up against her van. Deputy Hansen then escorted the resisting subject back to a holding cell. When Deputy Hansen came back out to the sally, she asked what happened. Deputy Hansen said “…the guy kept getting closer and closer to you even though I told him to take a step back. He wasn’t listening to my commands…and he was eying your belt to see if you had your gun on”. Deputy Lovell observed the video and sure enough this guy was getting really close to her, closer than he should have. Every time Deputy Lovell loads her van Deputy Hansen is right there with her watching her back. Deputy Hansen always remains in the sally area until she closes the door to her van and then he heads back to the control room. Deputy Lovell really appreciates that. These are just a couple of examples of Deputy Hansen’s diligence and commitment to the safety for his fellow officers. We have heard compliments on numerous occasions commending Deputy Hansen for his dedication to his profession and team members. Deputy Hansen’s attention to detail and dedication to serve the citizens of Salt Lake County and his fellow officers, are to be commended and are worthy of being awarded the February Judicial Protection Employee of the Month. 

Health Services Division 

  • The Health Services Division is nominating Jimmie Long, Mental Health Program Manager, as our January 2018 Employee of the Month. Health Services recently completed our NCCHC certification audit, and Jimmie was integral part of our team and was intricately involved throughout the three day the audit process. This included months of preparation, including policy review, medical record chart reviews, staff preparation and training an endless list of administrative duties and tasks. During the survey process, Jimmie was a vital part of our management team in working closely with the surveyors to respond to and address the various indicators in the specific mental health standards of NCCHC. At the conclusion of the survey, the surveyors commented on how impressed they were with our mental health services. Jimmie plays an important role in our Health Services Division as out Mental Health Program Manager and delivers exceptional leadership to each member of our mental health staff.     

Security Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Ty Pack and Deputy Bryan Pincock. On 01/24/18, Deputy Pack and Deputy Pincock transported a prisoner from the Salt Lake County Jail to St. Mark’s Hospital for a Code-R evaluation. After the evaluation, Sgt. Warrick received an e-mail from the director of the Wasatch Forensics Nurses Association, praising Deputies Pack and Pincock for their professionalism. The evaluating nurse informed her, that the deputies were incredibly respectful to the prisoner and “flexible” while working with the SANE nurse. She asked that they be recognized for their great work. Deputies Pack and Pincock represented the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and M/CIRT with distinction. Their actions and behavior set an example for others. For their professionalism, we are nominating Deputies Ty Pack NX5 and Bryan NZ6 as Security Division Employee of the Month for January 2018. 

Housing Division 

  • We nominate Deputy James Thompson. On January 19, 2018, Deputy James Thompson (OV2) was assigned as a housing deputy in a maximum security housing unit.  Around 1030 hours, a prisoner returned from video court and proceeded up the staircase and onto the visiting tier railing.  Upon noticing the prisoner up on the railing, Deputy Thompson immediately reacted.  He raced up the stairs and quickly onto the visiting tier.  At this time, the prisoner had made the desperate decision to climb over the railing of the visiting tier.  Deputy Thompson reached the prisoner before the prisoner was able to release his grip and fall helplessly to the cement floor below.  Deputy Thompson reached over the top of the visiting tier railing and attached onto the prisoner by the upper body and shirt. Deputy Thompson held onto the prisoner with every ounce of strength he had, even as the prisoner dropped his weight in an attempt to break from the grip of Deputy Thompson.  As responding staff arrived, they were able to assist Deputy Thompson in pulling the priosner up and back over the visiting tier railing to safety. There is absolutely no doubt that Deputy Thompson saved this prisoner's life and should be highly commended for his act of bravery, valor, and selflessness.
  • We nominate Deputy Chris Braithwaite. On December 29th 2017, Deputy Chris Braithwaite was off-duty, ice fishing with his sons on Utah Lake. Deputy Braithwaite observed a teen boy walked by him on the ice wearing only a sweatshirt, and skinny jeans. Braithwaite noted that the boy appeared sad or upset as he continued to walk on the ice away from the Saratoga Springs area, and walking towards Provo City side of the lake. Noting the circumstances, poor ice conditions, and distance the boy was out on the ice, Braithwaite notified the Saratoga Police Department. The Police responded along with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, and began efforts to try and locate the boy on the ice, before he breaks through ice. The Utah County Sheriffs were on the opposite side of the lake attempting to locate the boy, and using flashlights signals they coordinated with Braithwaite to locate the boy’s position on the ice. The boy was soon located, and safely returned to shore without injury. Due to Deputy Braithwaite’s outstanding efforts, the boy was unharmed, and safely reunited with his family.

Programs Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Brock Wood. He is continually taking personal initiative to identify needs and problems while ingeniously finding creative solutions.  Deputy Wood designed the opening and closing of the chicken door at the garden so that Deputies just have to pull a string to open and shut it without having to walk through the mud and chicken droppings.  This has made the process a lot easier and cleaner to get the chickens in and out of the chicken house.  Deputy Wood has also been a great asset when it comes to the maintenance of vehicles.  Deputy Wood continues to make sure everything is in good working order and schedules vehicles to receive its regular maintenance.  Deputy Wood even takes it on himself to fix things himself whenever possible. Deputy Wood is a hard worker and always proactive when performing his duties and is always willing to assist and help with different projects that are going on at Oxbow. Deputy Wood is receiving the Four Hour Coin Award for his great work performance, positive attitude and going the extra mile.   

Support Division 

  • We nominate Matthew Nixon. Matt was recently recognized by one of his peers for his positive attitude and quality of work he produces. I received this complement from Office Coordinator Sarah Humphries; “Matt has taken on some extra print jobs that I’ve needed done over the past couple months. Some of them large, tedious, and last minute. His work is always high quality and efficiently completed. Matt always takes on each job he’s given with a positive attitude, and is a great co-worker and asset to the Corrections Bureau.” Matt is always willing to complete jobs in a timely manner and his dedication to duty saves the Bureau hundreds of dollars monthly.