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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - July 2017

22-Aug-2017, Written by SO Media Unit

July 2017 Employees of the Month

Security Division

  • On July 8, 2017 at 2015 hours, Deputies Jeremy Thomas (MQ6) and Chase Curtis (MN5) were leaving St. Mark’s Hospital.  Unified Police Department requested backup for a fleeing suspect in the area of 3900 south 1300 east.  Curtis and Thomas saw the suspect run into a back yard across the street. They exited the van and perused on foot.  Deputy Curtis chased the suspect over fences and through multiple backyards, while Deputy Thomas ran to the opposite side of a backyard and apprehended the suspect as he climbed over a fence onto the sidewalk.  Deputy Thomas took the suspect to the ground and cuffed him. The suspect was turned over to UPD for transportation to Booking.  Deputies Thomas and Curtis remained on scene to help UPD officers search for a bag that had been in the suspect's possession. They located the bag and found it to contain multiple narcotics.  Deputies Thomas and Curtis responded quickly and appropriately to a potentially dangerous situation, effectively stopping the suspect from evading arrest. They demonstrated good decision making skills and they represented the M/CIRT team with distinction. Deputies Thomas and Curtis deserve to be recognized as Employees of the Month for July 2017.

Health Services Division 

  • Nursing Supervisor Riley Petersen (HR4) was nominated for July Employee of the Month by his supervisor.  Riley has always been a great asset to the Health Services Division.  One of the projects that Riley has initiated has been to streamline the ordering process for all medical supplies. He has developed and implemented a system that has set par levels for all medical supplies. He has also scoured our vendor’s inventory to find less expensive and safer products for us to use. This has been a time consuming process and yet Riley still completes all of his regularly assigned tasks on time. This new streamlined process has already saved the Department over $10,000 dollars and will, no doubt, save many times that amount going forward. The Health Services Division is very lucky to have such a hard working individual working for us.

Judicial Protection Division 

  • Lt. Huth received the following nomination from Deputy Holly Ziegenhorn for Deputy Roy Myers (L90) to be named July Employee of the Month for the Judicial Protection Division:
    • “Good Afternoon! I wanted to take a moment to tell you what an outstanding officer Deputy Roy Myers is. I've only worked Saturdays and Sundays with him but during this time I would notice things he continually did that, in my opinion, are above and beyond our assignment. Deputy Myers religiously cleaned the old patrol vehicle and made sure it was full of gasoline and ready for his co-workers. During the times that he cleaned the patrol vehicle, he would also spray and clean out the sally port and bull pen areas too. I would venture a guess that he is one of the few that sees to it this gets done regularly and makes sure things are in order before the busy work week begins.  A few weeks ago, Matheson Court sprinklers were on all night, some of them were stuck in the same position causing water to build up and flow onto the sidewalk and out into the street on the northeast areas of the property. Graveyard deputies stated they were aware of this and felt we should watch it and possibly call maintenance if they didn't shut off due to the amount of water building up and being wasted. I did the first interior and exterior patrol this day and notice that the water was overflowing onto the sidewalk and out into the street on the north and east side. I told Deputy Myers about this and he took it up himself to fix the problem by responding outside, finding the sprinkler manual boxes and finding the ones needing to be shut off and doing so. He then advised maintenance of this matter and how he temporarily fixed the problem.  I've also noticed on Sundays Deputy Myers takes it upon himself to get things ready for holding/control on Mondays. I'm sure this makes things so easier for the other deputies in holding/control especially on one of the busiest days of the week.  Deputy Myers is a team player! He has been very easy to work with and has gone above and beyond with making sure Deputy Le and myself know our way around here better, know how to work the various cameras and different systems, and what to do when things stop working/functioning on the weekends. I have been quite impressed with him and have enjoyed working with him during this shift bid!”
For his continued dedicated work ethic and team efforts, Deputy Myers (L90) is worthy of recognition and is awarded the Judicial Protection Division July Employee of the Month.

Programs Division 

  • Deputy Brock Wood (OC4) was nominated by Deputy Lance for employee of the month for July.  On July 07/07/2017, I was asked if I could assist with getting the Oxbow (JIVE) bus back from Roads and Bridges.  Deputy Wood dropped me off at Roads and Bridges where we both completed the safety inspection of the bus prior to leaving, looking for any visible safety issues.  I got in the bus and started it and was filling out the log while Deputy Wood got in the administration van to head back to Oxbow Jail.  Deputy Wood drove by and stopped the van, ran back to me to inform me there was something pouring from the engine block.  I exited the bus and could smell an overwhelming smell of diesel fuel.  Deputy Wood opened the engine hood and noticed the gas line had a big cut and was spraying diesel fuel all over.  I immediately turned off the engine and reported the incident to the service department.  I am certain that if Deputy Wood had not spotted the fuel leak as he drove by, the situation would have been much worse than just a fuel leak.

Processing Division 

  • Processing Supervisor Mindy Gleason (HM8) has been instrumental in helping identify prisoners for ALT release as well as handling other projects over the last two months.  Mindy modified her hours to address unexpected problems while also assisting afternoon shift to handle the tremendous increase in prisoners being booked.  Her help has been invaluable and she deserves recognition for the excellent work ethic and professionalism she displays every day.
  • Assistant Supervisor Sal Pearson (GN7) was selected as July employee of the month for her willingness to step up when help was needed.  Due to an open Assistant Supervisor allocation and a Supervisor out on medical leave, Sal changed her schedule at the last minute from afternoon shift to cover the open allocation.  Sal’s professionalism as well as confidence was easily accepted by the staff and working together they kept the afternoon shift continuing to excel at addressing the workload presented to them.

Housing Division 

  • Sergeant Harris nominated three Deputies as July employees of the month for their roles in the same situation.
    • Deputy Tyler Young (OR8) was nominated for his role as one of Housing’s July Employee of the Month.  On June 27th, 2017 Deputy Tyler Young (OR8) was completing a watch tour and found a non- responsive prisoner in 6B. Without hesitation Deputy Young immediately jumped into action calling for a response, cutting the underwear and bag from around the prisoner’s neck and starting chest compressions until relieved by medical staff. Deputy Young should be commended for his attention to detail, immediate response, and professionalism.
    • On June 27th, 2017 Deputy Tyler Young (OR8) was completing a watch tour and found a non-responsive prisoner in 6B.  Without hesitation Deputy Robert Hansen (J95) assisted Young and gave rescue breathing to the prisoner and continued until relieved by medical staff.  Deputy Hansen should be commended for his immediate response and professionalism in dealing with the situation.
    • On June 27th, 2017 Deputy Tyler Young (OR8) was completing a watch tour and found a non-responsive prisoner in 6B.  Without hesitation Deputy Mark Noble (MY8) stepped up and assisted Young by relieving him and taking over the chest compressions until relieved by medical staff.  Deputy Noble should be commended for his immediate response and professionalism in dealing with the situation.
  • On July 26th, Deputy Justin Gundry (NB9) was assigned to 6C. At approximately 1921, a female prisoners alerted Deputy Gundry to her cellmate. Deputy Gundry got up from the workstation to investigate. When Deputy Gundry arrived at the cell he attempted to get the prisoner on the bottom bunk to respond to him. After a couple of attempts, Deputy Gundry called for a medical response. Deputy Curtis Bennett (OT5) was the first to arrive in the unit. Deputies Gundry and Bennett assessed the situation, opened the door, and secured the cellmate who reported the issue to Deputy Gundry in the multi-purpose room.  Sgt. Hunter arrived and Deputy Gundry reported he had been observing the prisoner while the cellmate was secured in the multi-purpose room by Deputy Bennett and could not see any movement from the prisoner. Deputy Gundry stepped into the cell with Sgt. Hunter and the prisoner was moved to the floor. CPR was initiated and continued while waiting for medical to respond. Deputy Bennett provided support as the incident unfolded. Once medical arrived and took over, Sgt. Hunter had Deputies Gundry and Bennett report to the C Pod Sergeant’s Office.  Once in the office both Deputies relayed to Sgt. Hunter what they observed.  Sgt. Hunter opened Deputy Gundry’s log and it was current with all the information needed leading up to the incident. Deputy Bennett reported to me he had conducted the last watch tour and observed the prisoner alive and breathing and remembered her because of how she was lying in the bed. The attention to duty and quick action in this incident by Deputies Gundry and Bennett made the incident run the best it could have with a prisoner in a clear medical emergency. I want to thank both Deputies for their professionalism during this incident.