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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - June 2017

17-Jul-2017, Written by SO Media Unit

June 2017 Employees of the Month

Judicial Protection Division

  • Lt. Huth received the following nomination from Sgt. England for Deputy Steve Gibson 42E to be named June Employee of the Month for the Judicial Protection Division:
“Deputy Gibson is a positive influence with his strong work ethic. He is dedicated to his job and is constantly looking for a better way to do things.  His personality, combined with his strong work ethic is a positive influence and directly impacts the morale at Matheson.  Deputy Gibson is fairly new to Protective Services, but you would never know it.  He has taken on a role as an active shooter trainer and has been a welcome addition to that team where he provides a valuable skill-set and perspective.  Deputy Gibson has also taken on the role of background investigator.  He contributes in all areas of the Bureau and is the ultimate team player.  For his “steady as she goes” work ethic, and reliability - Deputy Gibson is worthy of employee of the month.”

In addition to Sgt. England’s commendations, Steve’s out of the box thinking as well as his willingness to bring solutions and ideas to the table when he identifies a policy or uniform issue that is outdated, are to be commended.  Deputy Gibson is proactive in his work ethic and committed to making the Bureau better through research and problem solving.  Steve is an asset to the team at Matheson as well as the entire Protective Service Bureau and is therefore the June Judicial Protection Division Employee of the Month.

Facilities Protection Unit 

  • Deputy Nick Lavulo OI1 was nominated by Deputy Rob Herlin and Sgt. Ryan Scothern and selected as the June 2017 Facilities Protection Division Employee of the Month.  On June 1st Deputy Nick Lavulo was assigned to the landfill for four hours of Field Training.  After a basic site familiarization, Deputy Herlin handed the truck keys to Lavulo, gave him the times tasks were to be completed, and told him the rest of the shift was his.  Deputy Herlin wrote the following:
“Deputy Lavulo chose to post at the pit, where citizens drop all of their trash.  While there, Lavulo observed a gentleman and his son struggling to get a trailer unloaded.  Verifying that he was within our job boundaries, he asked if we could help him, I told him we absolutely could.  Lavulo chose to have us approach them and offer help.  The citizens, a father and son, were having a hard time holding the trailer up and getting it unloaded, due to all of the weight being at the top.  Lavulo held the trailer up, while the father and I stood on the back end of the trailer to help hold it in position while the son was able to empty the trailer.  After we assisted the father and son, we were notified of some citizens that locked themselves out of their vehicle.  We advised them that we did not have a lock out kit.  The citizens were driving an extended cab pickup truck, and were able to get the rear windows, in the third door, to pop open.  Lavulo then went over to the metal bin, found a stiff, but pliable piece of metal, and after obtaining verbal permission from the citizens, bent the metal and was able to snake it in through the rear window and press the unlock button.  Lavulo successfully unlocked the truck while causing no damage, and saving the citizens the cost of a lock smith.  After the landfill had closed, but citizens were still on site unloading, we received a call on the landfill radio advising of a citizen that “didn’t look real good”.  Lavulo drove to the pit, where the citizen was and checked on them.  When we arrived, the citizen was sitting on their truck resting.  We spoke with the citizen, and we were advised that he and his wife were on their fourth trip and just worn out.  Since the landfill was closed, and nobody else would be coming to the pit, Lavulo allowed the citizen to back his trailer into the pit a little ways so it would be easier to unload.  Lavulo said he would handle it and asked me to post in the car with the landfill phone and radio while he was helping them unload.  A few minutes later, Lavulo signaled to me that both citizens needed some water and asked me to go get them some.  I went to my car and grabbed a couple of bottles, and returned to the pit with Lavulo and the citizens with the water.”

In only a short amount of time, Deputy Lavulo found several ways to help the citizens of the County and went above and beyond his assignment.  Deputy Lavulo is to be commended for his efforts in living up to the name of our bureau and representing the Sheriff’s Office in a good light.

Security Division 

  • Control notified Sgt. Nielson on 5/3/17 @ 0540 thatan adult male subject was outside at the vehicle sally port refusing to leave. As MCIRT went to speak to the subject, he jumped the perimeter fence and ran toward the pond. Deputy Joshua Vandertoolen MV4 and Deputy Matthew Wexels K87 pursued him. Deputy Vandertoolen located the suspect on the west side of the pond. Deputy Vandertoolen challenged the subject at gunpoint and gave him orders to get on the ground. The subject complied with Deputy Vandertoolen’s orders. Deputy Vandertoolen maintained contact and waited for Deputy Wexels to provide cover. The subject was restrained without further incident.  Deputy Vandertoolen and Deputy Wexels did an excellent job of working together, using effective communication, and ensuring scene safety for themselves, responding deputies, and the prisoner.
  • Deputy Christopher Preston MV7 was selected as employee of the month for providing excellent customer service while assisting members of the Cache County Public Defender’s Office.  I received a Letter of Appreciation from the Cache County Public Defender’s Office and they could not be more pleased with their experience while visiting our facility.  They specifically recognized Deputy Preston for treating them with high degree of professionalism and respect.  They mentioned that after their visit was complete they were reluctant and nervous to leave our facility because it was dark and there were some “sketchy” people who had just been released from jail and were lingering on the visiting ramp.  Deputy Preston recognized they were worried about leaving and told them he would escort them to their car.  They explained they have never experienced such professionalism and kindness in any other jail in our state and encouraged our organization to create training videos on interaction with the public.  Our organization is very fortunate to have Deputy Preston working with us.
  • On June 27, 2017, there was an incident in 6B involving a critical suicide attempt.  While medical staff was attending to the prisoner and delivering life-saving measures, several other prisoners in the unit became extremely emotionally upset.  One prisoner became so devastated during the incident she began screaming hysterically and violently punching the sink in her cell.  M/CIRT Deputy Jodie Saenz NW3 had responded to 6B for the incident.  When she heard the prisoner mentioned above getting extremely upset, she immediately responded to the cell door.  She attempted to calm the prisoner and convince her to stop harming herself.  The prisoner continued to be agitated, however, while Deputy Saenz remained calm and professional the entire time. Eventually, Deputy Saenz was able to convince the prisoner to be restrained and removed from her cell.  Deputy Saenz continued to be calm and reassuring to the prisoner as they exited the unit, allowing more attention to be given to the prisoner in distress.  Not only was Deputy Saenz’ professionalism appreciated by staff, several prisoners from the unit have commented on how much they appreciated the effort Deputy Saenz made  trying to calm the upset prisoner.  One prisoner even submitted a kite thanking Deputy Saenz for her professionalism during the incident.  Deputy Saenz should be commended for her efforts during such an extremely critical time.

Support Division 

  • Assistant Supervisor John Ficker nominated Maintenance Specialists Mark McGill LF6 and Clarence Pollard JC7 for Employee of the Month for May 2017. They have shown extreme eagerness to jump in and help and work on projects that are new and unfamiliar to them. They have shown a vast interest in learning how the doors function and secure to make sure that they are setting all equipment properly to not have any faults. The two also show great cooperation in working with all the staff in the Maintenance department and are willing to help the outside contractors and others to get more familiar with their surroundings. All in all Mark and Clarence have proven to be great assets to the Department and the Sheriff’s Office as a whole.
  • On June 6, 2017, visitor Michelle Perry contacted Lt. April Morse to commend Assistant Supervisor Ashley Sawyer JM8 and Clerk Sandra Martinez LH1 for the superior customer service she received during two visits to the Jail on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 and Monday, June 5, 2017.  Ms. Perry praised all the workers in visiting during the two nights she was there. She stated everyone was professional and treated all the people with respect, dignity, and kindness. Clerks took time to explain processes in a friendly, professional manner.  She stated that she left the facility feeling much better about the fact that her nephew had been incarcerated, largely due to the quality and caliber of the people working in the visiting area.  Ms. Perry asked for the name of the Jail’s Training Coordinator so she could contact him about making training videos for other facilities.  Ashley and Sandra are June employees of the month for their excellent customer service.

Housing Division 

  • Deputy Paul Jordan NJ3 was nominated by another deputy who is very appreciative of the outstanding job he consistently is doing.  Deputy Jordan has been asked to be the officer in charge in A Pod numerous times, and is always reliable and dependable to the rest of the deputies when he is in a supervisory position.  Deputy Jordan is always friendly and helpful in interacting with staff and prisoners. This makes for a more enjoyable shift. He gives advice and counseling when needed, and it is a pleasure to have a seasoned deputy to offer experience.  Deputy Jordan is a great asset to the A Pod team and does not get recognized enough for all he does.
  • Deputies Michelle Michelsen JS3 and Lacey Grayson OV6 consistently strive to be the best Deputies they can be. Both Deputies are firm, but fair, when enforcing Jail Rules. They do this so well, prisoners have sent in kites praising them for their professionalism while holding the prisoners accountable for their behaviors.  Deputy Michelsen and Deputy Grayson should be recognized as Employees of the Month as examples of what all Deputies should strive to be.

Processing Division 

  • May Employees of the Month are Assistant Supervisor Annette Downing F58, Deputy Tim Smith NJ8, Deputy Dustin Hunzeker NS4, Deputy David Clark OH6 and Sergeant Chad Jacobson L55.  On this occasion a pregnant girl came in from West Jordan District Court. We were just getting ready to interview her when we noticed that she was on the phone holding her stomach and crying.  Assistant Supervisor Annette Downing called her up and initiated the interview. The Prisoner was asked what was wrong and she told Annette that she was in pain. Since everything that she came in on qualified for release, Annette asked her if she could get a ride from here. The prisoner said that her mom could pick her up.  Annette did tell her that she would be released and call her mom to come and pick her up.  Asst. Supervisor Downing got ahold of Sergeant Jacobsen, Deputies Smith, Hunzeker, and Clark & asked them if they could expedite her release and let them know that she was in pain. They were right on it getting her pic, prints and getting her back to Releasing and out of the Jail in record time.  This episode demonstrates the many acts of Human Kindness our staff participate in every day.

Health Services Division 

  • Over the past two months the mental health program has increased by two staff.  Jamie Facholas JZ3 has been very supportive in the training of the new staff members.  She has taken responsibility to take them around to assure that they know the job and has modeled assertive patient care.  She is ethical in her provision of care, seeks supervision to improve her job skills.  She is always at her post and is on time. She readily asks her peers for any assistance that they may require. She present with a pleasant disposition and is approachable. Jamie works hard but makes sure that the new staff has all the tools that they require to do their job.  It is because of the above traits that Jamie is Health Services June Employee of the Month.