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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - May 2017

21-Jun-2017, Written by SO Media Unit

May 2017 Employees of the Month

Security Division

  • M/CIRT B Squad Days planned a potluck to welcome a Deputy back to work after dealing with a serious illness.  Somewhere along the line, we talked about getting our heads shaved as a show of support for the Deputy.  Deputy Walter Newman NR9 informed Sgt. Wilbur that he is a licensed hair stylist and offered to bring his clippers to do the cuts here at work.  On Saturday, May 27, Newman not only cut the hair of his squad-mates, but as word got out, some two dozen or so other people as well (including himself).  Surprisingly, standing over people and using clippers for an extended period of time is much more taxing than you might think.  In the end, Newman’s selfless contribution was the central component to a wildly successful team building experience. He helped create a sense of esprit de corps that extended far beyond our division and spread all over the Jail that day.  Above all, he brought a good deal of laughter and joy to a squad mate who really needs our support at this time. Therefore, Deputy Walter “Dan” Newman is nominated for Security Division employee of the month for May 2017.

Health Services Division 

  • Nurse Vickie Herrera HH6 was nominated by her supervisor for May 2017 employee of the month for the Health Services Division.  Vickie is a long-time employee of the Sheriff’s Department.  She started out in health services as a pharmacy technician before going back to school to become and RN.  Vickie worked nights as a clerk in booking while finishing school and was hired back into health services as an RN once she graduated school.  Vickie now works nights and has become an anchor member of her night shift crew.  Vickie has been willing to work overtime whenever it has been available and has come in to work even when she hasn’t been feeling well to help us out while we are so short-staffed.  Vickie recently was evaluating a patient who has been sent to the ER for respiratory distress and had been discharged back to the Jail.  This patient was presenting as if he was in renewed respiratory distress and was appearing to have extreme difficulty breathing along with a decreased oxygen saturation.  Nurse Vickie felt like there was something not quite right with the situation and asked another nurse to evaluate the patient to see if she was missing something.  While closely observing the patient while another nurse was evaluating him, Vickie noticed that the patient was subtly manipulating the pulse-oximeter on his finger and making is read at an artificially low value.  Once this was identified, Vickie and the other nurse were able to isolate this patient’s finger and hand and obtain a true reading that was well within normal limits.  They were then able to contact the doctor and with a complete picture of what was going on, keep the patient in the ADC rather than sending him out again, saving the time and expense of a send out for a patient who was attempting to manipulate staff. I appreciate all that Vickie brings to our division and hope she sees some of the recognition that she deserves.
  • Nurse Pat Knight I07 is being recognized for the May 2017 Employee of the Month for his careful observations and his dedicated efforts in patient care and advocacy. Pat was assigned to the Sub-Acute Mental Health Unit when during his patient interactions and assessments he noted that one of the patients in his area was an older Spanish speaking male with significantly decreased mobility and had been using a wheelchair for ambulation. Despite a language barrier, Pat realized that this patient was at a higher risk for skin breakdown and worked with the patient to perform a skin assessment. Whereas the patient did not initiate contact with the nurse and had not verbalized any concerns, the patient’s needs would have remained unknown to the medical staff and would have gone untreated.  An area of concern was noted on the patient’s hip, and Pat made efforts to ensure the patient was scheduled for further evaluation by a physician. The early intervention and treatment undoubtedly helped to prevent further tissue breakdown and is an example of a higher standard of patient care, something we should all strive to provide.  We are lucky to have Pat part of our Health Services Team as he is dedicated to serving the people of Salt Lake County.

Fiscal Division 

  • The May employee of the month for Fiscal is Marci Woodward LA8. She is commended for her positive attitude, her diligence in maintaining agency contracts, and the exceptional work she has done on several RFPs in recent months.  Her efforts and dedication have contributed greatly to the Office as a whole.

Facilities Protection Unit 

  • Deputy Jeff Dunn 59E was nominated by Sergeant Haws and selected as the May 2017 Facilities Protection Division Employee of the Month.  On Saturday, May 27 Deputy Dunn had a Landfill employee report to him that there was and “odd”, possibly abandoned vehicle off the road that he noticed on his way into work that morning.  The Jeep Cherokee was in a field East of 5600 West and was not easily visible from the road.  Deputy Dunn responded off property to the location and had to hike through heavy weeds out to the car which had left the roadway at a high rate of speed, gone through a fence and vaulted off a dirt barrier into an adjacent field.  Seeing that the car had significant damage, he continued to investigate.  When he got to the front seat of the car he located an unresponsive male slumped over in the driver’s seat and leaning down onto the floorboard area.  The male had significant obvious facial injuries.  A faint pulse was located along with shallow, sporadic breathing and a strong odor of alcohol. 
Medical and SLCPD were summoned and the patient was quickly transported to the hospital.  Deputy Dunn then remained on scene at the request of both SLCPD and UHP in order to utilize his expertise in conducting the investigation.  Had it not been for the good observation and reporting of Landfill employee Todd Grambow, then the quick and accurate response from Deputy Dunn, it is reasonable to believe this subject may not have been found in time to receive the lifesaving help that he was desperately in need of.  Deputy Dunn has only been off Field Training for a short period but has received almost constant praise and positive feedback for his positive attitude and attention to duty.  He is great asset to this Bureau and is deserving of recognition. 

Judicial Protection Division 

  • Lt. Huth received the following nomination from Sgt. Michael Rowley for the Judicial Protection Division Employee of the Month: 
    “I would like to nominate Deputy Tera Fowers MP2 for the employee of the month. In my opinion, Deputy Fowers is the reason why we have the employee of the month award. She is hard working, always on time and ready for work. She is constantly helping her fellow deputies and always going above and beyond her normal duties to ensure the efficiency of the court calendars is maintained.  I have received many compliments about Deputy Fowers from her co-workers. They have stated that they appreciate how dependable Tera is and that she is always willing to assist them when they need help. Deputy Fowers is a great asset to the Judicial Protection Division as well as the entire Bureau.” 
    In addition, Lt. Huth constantly hears Deputy Fowers on the radio asking if anyone needs assistance moving prisoners or a break from their courtroom. Tera is always on the move and never hesitates to jump in to assist with the heavy law and motion calendars and the heavy inmate movement required to meet the needs of the judges and attorneys. Her work ethic is to be commended and is worthy of recognition. 
  • Lt. Huth received the following nomination from Sgt. Casey Russell for the Judicial Protection Division Employee of the Month: 
“Deputy Jesus Rodriquez OI6 was backing Deputy Curley on the commission wing of the courthouse. During the recess of a very emotional child custody hearing, the grandfather of the child that was being removed from his custody was in the hallway being loud and very emotional based on the decision by the commissioner. Deputy Rodriquez immediately realized that the gentleman was very distraught and began monitoring the man closely. At one point the grandfather walked over to the railing on the third floor, and started to lean forward over the top of it. Due to intensity of the situation, Deputy Rodriquez was concerned the man was considering jumping or falling over the railing. Deputy Rodriquez jumped into action grabbed the man’s arm and had him move away from the railing. Once Deputy Rodriquez removed the man from the railing, he consoled the man and stayed with him until he had calmed down. Deputy Rodriguez’s immediate recognition of a person in emotional distress possibly saved this man from hurting or killing himself that day. Jesus’ attention to detail is demonstrative of his professionalism and commitment to protecting the public he serves and is worthy of recognition.”