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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - November 2017

29-Dec-2017, Written by SO Media Unit

November 2017 Employees of the Month

Processing Division

  • We are nominating Karen Brambila.  A couple of weeks ago a prisoner came in from out of county on a warrant.  She investigated the warrant & in the end found the warrant did not belong to the prisoner.  She is always investigating if she doesn’t look right to her. She is diligent in her work, a team player, and great at investigating. 

Judicial Protection Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Ryan Curley.  On November 17th, Deputy Frame was in Control and received a call from UPD Dispatch to advise of a late report of a protective order violation which happened at Matheson Courthouse on November 1st.  Deputy Frame was going off duty shortly after receiving the call, so he asked Deputy Curley if he would make contact with the complainant when she arrived at the courthouse. As always, Deputy Curley gladly agreed to meet with the victim.  Deputy Frame had given Curley some additional information regarding the situation, so while waiting for the victim to arrive, Curley do some further investigation to confirm that the protective order was in place at the time of the reported incident.  Not only did Curley find the date the order was issued, he also pulled video of the day in question and found that there had been a clear violation of the protective order. After interviewing the victim and collecting several witness statements, to include a victim’s advocate who was present during the interaction, Curley was able to determine the suspect’s address was in South Salt Lake’s Jurisdiction.  Curley made contact with an officer and he agreed to make contact with the suspect at his home address, but stated that they didn’t have the manpower that night for him to actually book the suspect if he was able to locate him.  Curley agreed to meet the officer at ADC if contact was made take custody of the suspect and complete the booking/arrest process.  South Salt Lake was able to make contact and arrest the suspect, notifying Curley.  Curley meet the officer at ADC to take over custody and complete the arrest.  Curley then notified the victim of the arrest and completed all the appropriate paperwork.  As a side note, Curley was to have been off duty at 1700hrs that day, but stayed and completed the arrest and paperwork, leaving at 2100hrs.  Some would just say Deputy Curley was simply doing his job, but this is the level of work Curley produces on a daily basis and he is always willing to go above and beyond.   Curley is not only committed to his profession, he is also committed to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Salt Lake County, specifically victims who have had previous experience with law enforcement who have been felt the officers simply didn’t care and were not willing to pursue the appropriate actions to assist them in affecting a solution to their difficult situation. After being nominated for this recognition, Curley received a thank you letter from a victim he has been assisting for the past two years on a child custody and protective order case.  The victim thanked Curley for his “…assistance and dedication through this whole process.  You gave me the confidence to move forward with all the court case I have against my ex-husband.  I truly believe that I would have never gotten this far with all the cases if it wasn’t for you.  You are the first person that took me seriously….  You are wonderful person and a great police officer.  Thank you so much for all you have done for me!” Deputy Curley is a consummate professional and his daily dedication to duties are worthy of recognition and deserving of the Judicial Protection Division Employee of the Month for November.

Health Services Division 

  • We nominate Debi Free and Richard Wimmer. Both Debi and Robert work as a valuable part of our mental health team. They are currently assigned to work with our patients housed in the acute and sub-acute mental health units. Both have dedicated a tremendous about of talent and dedication for our patients in these units. Debi and Robert work together in presenting helpful treatment recommendations for their patients. They have a positive and professional relationship with our medical, mental health, and security teams as well as with our mental health providers who are all part of the healthcare delivery system in our mental health units. Most specifically, Debi and Robert’s helpful treatment recommendations instill hope for each patient and a positive environment for patients and our disciplinary treatment members. They also provide excellent response time when needed and as important issues arise. 
  • We nominate Nurse Vickie Herrera. On November 11, 2017 the Jail received a prisoner that was catatonic and in need of complete care. He arrived on a weekend when we were not expecting him. He was transported to our Acute Medical Unit, where Vickie is assigned. She immediately jumped in to ensure the patient received all of the care he needed. She did this without complaint and with a smile on her face. This was no small task, as the patient needed total care with feeding tubes, catheters, and skin care. This is just a small sample of Vickie’s work ethic. She always completes her assignments promptly and with attention to detail. When she is not completing her own works, she is quick to help out her coworkers. She has proven to be a great asset to the Health Services team. 

Security Division 

  • Deputy Saenz would like to nominate Deputy Claudine Lovell for being proactive while working in court transport and searching females going to court without being asked. On November 13 and 14th MCIRT was extremely short deputies due to an influx of prisoners out at the hospital. Deputy Lovell came back from dropping off courts and helped MCIRT by taking prisoners back to all areas of the jail and continued to ask Deputy Saenz if any she needed any more help with anything. Deputy Lovell shows a willingness to help when she sees something that needs to be done. The actions Deputy Saenz described are not unusual for Deputy Lovell, she consistently goes above and beyond her normal duties to help others and she is deserving of this recognition.

Housing Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Bonnie Loving. Deputy Loving was searching cells during clothing exchange on November 4, 2017. She came to Cell 01C14 and noticed Bhatia, Gurpreet SO#260642 was acting odd. He was stumbling a bit but left the cell to get new clothing. Seeming odd to Loving she took extra time in searching his belongings. She checked a blister pack of medications he had in his property. She found he was off by multiple pills. The information was given to the housing officer in the unit. Medical responded and evaluated Bhatia. Bhatia told the medical staff he was suicidal. Bhatia was sent to the hospital and admitted. I appreciate so much Deputy Loving following her instincts and spending the time needed to be thorough. In this case Bhatia was able to get medical help before it was too late. 
  • We nominate Deputy David Burdette for his dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the Sheriff’s Office and Health Services. On November 5, 2017, Deputy Burdette was the acting OIC in Health Services. We received an email from Nurse Chanda who stated, they had a deaf inmate who was housed in Acute Mental Health. According to Nurse Chanda, the staff was having a difficult time with this particular prisoner and the medical staff wasn’t able to properly assess the prisoner. Nurse Chanda stated, Deputy Burdette spent several hours writing back and forth with the prisoner so Medical staff could properly assess him and provided him with the treatment he needed. This type of service, dedication, and teamwork has always been a part of how Deputy Burdette presents himself. Deputy Burdette is always going the extra mile to help out his co-workers, civilian staff, and prisoners. Deputy Burdette is a great asset to the Sheriff’s Office and especially Health Services. 

Programs Division 

  • We nominate Richard Clifton. The Assessment Team graveyard shift has been short staffed, and down to 1-2 team members for quite some time.  These team members work alone many shifts due to regular days off and or Sick/Vacation/Holiday.  Richard Clifton realized this problem and stepped up to the plate volunteering to change his schedule from day shift to graveyard shift until such time two new hires are trained and ready to work the graveyard shift. Richard is very dedicated and cares very much about all team members. He is very considerate of others and is always willing to assist in covering other shifts as needed.  

Facilities Protection Division 

  • Sgt. Shane Workman nominated Deputy Justin Stapley. While meeting with Youth Services administration recently they went out of their way to compliment the work of all the deputies who work there and have done such a good job dealing with an increasing number of incidents.  They specifically singled out Deputy Justin Stapley and were appreciative of his response to several recent incidents and the way in which he helped resolve them.  In just a one week period recently Justin dealt with eight incidents ranging from runaways to ungovernable juveniles.  Several of the incidents ended up involving a use of force.  Justin has stood out to those around him as he often is able to negotiate with a youth and get them to comply without things escalating.  Another example of this occurred recently when he was called to talk with a boyfriend and Uncle who had shown up at Youth Services trying to track down a female runaway from out of state.  Recognizing that they had no guardianship over her he was able to explain the situation to them while protecting the privacy of the juvenile.  The skill he demonstrates in resolving problems is to be commended and is equally recognized by those he works with as well as the staff at Youth Services.