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SLCO Sheriff's Office Combined Leadership Employees of the Month - October 2017

14-Nov-2017, Written by SO Media Unit

October 2017 Employees of the Month

Processing Division

  • Laundry Supervisor Tonya Lee has continued to be a solid and productive employee despite being in charge of and running the prisoner laundry team solo for nearly a month.  This is a huge accomplishment considering there should be three laundry supervisors running the laundry team.  Tonya has maintained an excellent attitude while on duty and strives daily to make sure all areas of the Jail receives what they need for clothing exchange.  She is always willing to do whatever is needed and is always looking for ways to improve the laundry operations.  We would like to commend Supervisor Lee on a job well done and recommend her for Employee of the Month for October.  Great Job Lee!

Judicial Protection Division 

  • We nominate Deputy Bethan Barsic. We received information that a Judge was concerned for their safety following some email statements made to an attorney.  The emails came from a defendant in a civil case in which the Judge was presiding over.  The defendant stated he “is going to appeal the Judge’s ruling and he will have the appeal served at the residence again.” Several months ago, the defendant came to the Judge’s home to “serve” papers in the same case and was told to leave the premises. The decision was made to get a BOLO out that evening, because of the potential risk this defendant posed to the Judge.  The lieutenant didn’t have a lot of information on the defendant, so she contacted Deputy Barsic who had already left the office to see if she could assist in gathering the pertinent information to get the BOLO drafted.  Deputy Barsic was eager to assist and put together a very thorough BOLO. The pertinent information as given to the local police entity within 2 hours of receiving the phone call regarding the threats. This is just one of many examples of the excellent and committed work Bethan performs for the Office on a regular basis.  Deputy Barsic is not only eager to get details addressed, but she is also very thorough and professional in everything she takes on.  Bethan has also been a great asset to the training unit since she was hired.  Deputy Barsic’s assistance, as well as her daily commitment and dedication to her position are worthy of recognition and deserving of the Judicial Protection Division Employee of the Month for October.

Health Services Division 

  • Bradli Jo Asplund has been a dedicated member of the Health Services Division for over 6 years. She is a hardworking and caring Nurse. Her willingness to help her coworkers goes beyond nursing. She will help her “Jail Family” in any way she can. Below is an email we recently received from a benefits analysis employee with the County: “Just wanted to give you a big thank you for this gal!!!  Every open enrollment she’s helping us get the word out and often troubleshoots for her co-workers.  She actually helped me the other day discover a claim problem that PEHP has since fixed. Please tell her thanks again, we know everybody is busy over there!” This is just a small example of Bradli Jo’s positive work ethic and attitude. She is appreciated by all her know her.

Security Division 

  • We nominate Deputies Jason Nordstrom and Thomas Wangsgaard. They were en-route to Uintah County jail with 24 prisoners when there are bus experienced mechanical failure. They were able to contact Summit County jail and arrange secure accommodation at the Summit County jail for the 24 prisoners. This action on their part provided a secure and safe place while awaiting for other Salt Lake County vehicles and personnel. They safely and securely supervised the prisoners and transferred them to new vehicles, they then completed the transport to Uintah County Jail. Deputies Wangsgaard and Nordstrom exhibited the ability to communicate effectively with both the Salt Lake County Jail and the Summit County Jail during a stressful potentially dangerous situation. Both were safety and security minded and followed policy and procedure during a difficult and stressful ordeal. Both officers exhibited a great deal of professionalism and self-confidence and confronting this problem. They saw it through to conclusion, they took charge of the situation and handled it in a fair, decisive and a self-confident manner.
  • We nominate Control Room Operator Nicole Hobbs for October employee of the month. On October 30, 2017 Intake cleared an Officer to leave with his prisoner, who was in handcuffs. Once they got into the Vehicle Sally Port, the officer released the prisoner, who ran toward the Exit Gate and waited for the gate to open. The officer ran to his car and tried to leave. CRO Hobbs, who was working on Panel 2, did not know what was happening and did not open the gate. As the South Salt Lake Officer drove up to the exit gate he stopped and the prisoner got back into the car. At that point CRO Hobbs opened the gate and allowed the officer to leave with his prisoner. By keeping the gate closed she was able to maintain control over a situation that was unclear to her at the time. Then on October 31, 2017 CRO Hobbs, who was working on Panel 4 saw, on one of her monitors, a male dressed in dark jacket and tan pants jump over the 900 West Gate from the inside. MCIRT was notified and they responded and stopped the individual on 900 west just south of the Visiting Ramp. View of the video found the individual jumping over the fence from the Juvenile Facility into the UTA Facility and then over the fence by the Impound Lot onto Jail property. He then walked down the road to the 900 West Gate and climbed over. Because of recent events with drugs being placed in the Garden by people on the outside, her quick thinking made it possible for MCIRT to stop and question the individual. He was subsequently cleared and allowed to leave. Both of these incidents are examples of her attention to duty and overall concern for the safety and security of the Jail. For this work she is deserving of Employee of the month recognition.>

Housing Division 

  • On October 11th, Deputy James Waldrop was giving a break to the 8A officer.  A prisoner eating dinner at a dayroom table began choking. Deputy Waldrop ran over to the prisoner, administered the Heimlich maneuver expelling the food from her throat. The prisoner was cleared by medical immediately thereafter. Deputy Waldrop’s professionalism, quick reaction time and ability to remain calm under pressure directly resulted in the incident being quickly resolved rather than turning into a major incident.  Deputy Waldrop’s actions reflect great credit upon himself, his training and the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Deputy Joseph Sargeant was assigned to unit 02-Delta.  In doing his rounds he noticed some recent vandalism to cell 02D01.  A window had been scratched with large gang letters, and the walls had been damaged in the vicinity of the cells bathroom.  Deputy Sargeant made inquiries as to who had done the damage and came up with the name of a prisoner who had been in the bunk immediately adjacent to the damaged window.  The damage was narrowed down to have occurred on 8/23/17 during the early morning hours, and the prisoner had been moved later that afternoon to a different cell. Among the damage to the window was a moniker taking credit for the vandalism.   Deputy Sargeant searched the lexan box of the prisoner who it was suspected caused the damage, and found letters in which he had signed the same moniker. Subsequently, the prisoner received a written violation, and while being interviewed by a PDB deputy he admitted to causing the damage.  The prisoner will be billed $1000 for repairs, and it is possible new charges will also be filed against him for damage to a jail.  This was an outstanding job by Deputy Sargeant and is to be congratulated for going the extra mile and being diligent in performing his duties

Support Division 

  • We nominate Clerk Connie Chaffee for her great customer service skills. We received a letter from a customer regarding Clerk Chaffee and her customer service skills. Received letter: “I just wanted to take a moment to recognize one of your employees, Clerk Chaffee. I would have never dreamt 1 year ago as I was planning my wedding that I would be here today. After being assaulted by my 2nd husband on September 27th (that I married 11 months ago tomorrow) he was brought to your facility. When I was scared, physically and emotional hurt her voice and kindness has meant the world to me. I know she is paid for answering the phone and making those appointments, but in that days following that assault she was kind and understanding and explained things in a way that no one else would. One morning I called her panicking and her calmness and knowledge helped me in understanding your systems. She has literal been a life line in just doing her job well. Please pass along kudos to her.”
  • We nominate Clerk Jill Hansen for her willingness to help another shift complete their assigned duties and willingness to train the new Clerks. Clerk Hansen has been a tremendous help for the afternoon shift making sure the Commissary bags for inmates who were at court are delivered the day they are supposed to be. Along with making sure the bags are delivered, she also takes the new Clerks and teaches them how to deliver them properly.

Programs Division 

  • We are nominating Deputy Ronald Brooks for the October Employee of the Month for finding and confiscating pills a prisoner was attempting to smuggle into Oxbow. On Oct. 12, 2017 at Deputy Brooks found 4 white pills and 4 orange pills in a cup while searching a prisoner’s property in Processing.  The prisoner was a new roll in at Oxbow. The white pills were identified as a generic for suboxone and the orange pills were identified as Ropinirole Hydrochloride. The prisoner admitted to swallowing the pills prior to court on Oct. 11, 2017. Due to Deputy Brooks conducting a thorough search he was able to find the pills and stop them from being smuggled into Oxbow. Thank you Deputy Brooks!